Episode 8 of Attack of the Giants 4 is finally available on VVVVID and Prime Video, and the incredible twist in the second half of the episode completely shocked fans. Luckily, Episode 9 is a little quieter and it will force the survivors of the attack on Liberius to come to terms with their own actions.

Episode 8 of the anime titled "The Killer Bullet" showed a Gabi who was shocked by the fate of her friends and was seeking revenge on the forces of paradise. After the girl has succeeded in recovering the three-dimensional maneuvering device from the body of a soldier, he succeeds in reaching the airship in which Eren and his companions are kills Sasha with one shot.

The teaser of the next episode entitled "Volunteer Soldiers" will be released in Italy on February 9th. shows the consequences of the actions of Eren, Gabi and the research facility. The episode will complete the adaptation of volume 26 and cover the first quarter of the next volume, which will then be completely transposed with the next two episodes "Reasoning Right" and "Imposter". MAP has confirmed that the adaptation of Volume 28 will begin with episode number 12.

What do you think about it? Are you enjoying this season? Let us know with a comment! However, for more information on the new episodes, please refer to the latest official announcement from MAPPA.

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