Demon Slayer: Ufotabe staff shared some storyboards from the last episode

Among the productions that have managed to gain a strong hold in the collective imagination in recent years are the characters in particular Demon Hunter, an epic that in recent years has caught the attention of a huge audience scattered all over the world.

In reality, the work initially tried to find its own overview, although the general interest in the product was only presented with great force after the publication of several manga editions Today, Demon Slayer's is an epic that is loved by many readers and viewerswho never missed the opportunity to praise it, as evidenced by the endless cosplay and themed fan art that is still posted on social media.

Well, after a recent interview, the various members of the Ufotable studio wanted to show the public some of their work "behind the scenes". In particular, share some storyboards devoted to the latest episode in the series you can view this at the end of the messages. Always on the same Twitter account you can also see how the animation process of some scenes went, an extremely complex work that, as all fans are sure, could lead to a phenomenal result.

Before we say goodbye, we would also like to remind you that there have been recent arrests in Japan for counterfeit demon slayer-themed products.

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