It's been five years since the first chapter of Demon Hunter Between the pages of Shonen Jump and today, Tanjiro's adventures have won numerous awards and broken several records. Would it therefore be appropriate to dedicate an American live action to the work?

Among the many Goals from the manga achieved We can remember how Demon Slayer took first place among the best sellers of 2020. In addition, Kyoharu Gotouge, who gave birth to Demon Slayer, is one of the top 100 ranked by Time, the famous American weekly magazine. He played an important role in spreading the story the anime Produced by Ufotable, consisting of 26 episodes and a film called Demon Slayer: Infinity Train, which quickly became the top grossing film in Japan.

Given these successes, we wondered if Hollywood should focus on opera for the production of a new live action that gets public approval. The premises seem inexpensive considering the manga tells of various clashes between katana-armed warriors and powerful demons. These two elements are reminiscent of genres that are very popular in the West: i Samurai movies and horror in a combination that could have a positive effect on many viewers.

That too Fighting style Adoption by members of the Demon Kill Squad could be one key to the success of a hypothetical live-action adaptation. There choreography The clashes that use breathing styles remain deeply impressed on the minds of those who have watched the events of the animated series and could be even more enjoyable when played by flesh and blood actors.

After Warner Bros. announced the production of a film for Attack of the Giants a few years ago, it would not be surprising if a film were made dedicated to the work of Warner Bros. Kyoharu Gotouge. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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