The publication of the 100th canonical volume entitled Runaway had aroused great expectations among fans of the work originally created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adran Alphona, but after the release of number 38 of the new series, the publisher Marvel Comics has confirmed the final cancellation of the series.

Thought as a surprising end to the main characters’ entire journey, the band in question was presented as the opportunity add complexity to their future, a moment of radical change that would have made her move from adolescence to mature age. The same writers have already envisioned the future ramifications of the series at the time of presentation and appear to have laid the groundwork for the final story.

“With my heart in my hand, I share a bittersweet truth.” So began his speech in the section of the fans edition of the editor Nick Lowe and continued: This is the last volume in this series of Runaways. This is really unfortunate news for me and the artists who contributed to this volume. We’re proud to have made this happen so I wanted to make sure you had the chance to say goodbye! “

Outlier # 38 came out full of surprises and twists, from Chase Stein’s journey into the future to prevent the apocalypse, to Molly Hayes’ hesitant decision to live with the other mutants on the island of Krakoa or not, to Karolina’s abandonment of planet earth. It’s not sure if these stories will ever deepen or have a sequel in a future series, but the writers got it also pack an unforgettable finish.

Keep in mind that Rob Liefeld signed six special covers for 30 years of X-Force, and we’ll leave you to the new design of the vampire hunter blade that will appear in the Darkhold event miniseries.

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