The Attack of the Giants: the last chapter brings fans back to the past of the series

While the announcement trailer of the fourth season of The Attack of the Giants grinds records and numbers, the manga created by the master Isayama prepares for the final jokes that will put an end, once and for all, to the tormented and thrilling adventures of Eren and companions.

As you well know, the fourth season will be the last, not for nothing, as revealed by the same author, for the conclusion of the manga of The Attack of the Giants very few chapters are missing. In fact, just in the last pages of the printed series, we could see the new formation of the Exploration Corps, formed by Eren's friends, Jean, Mikasa, Armin is Connie, and from former comrades Reiner is Annie, act with the aim of taking a airship so as to reach the protagonist of the series that, at the moment, seems having completely lost his mind.

And even if in Exploration Corps it was decided to put aside the rivalries to achieve the goal anyway, not everyone seems to see it as they do. Not for nothing, among the eldiani, there are many people, who call themselves "Jaegeristi" who support Eren 's plan to wipe the nation of marely and, this difference of views, in the last chapter led the Exploration Corps to clash just with the Jaegerists.

Specifically Isayama, taking a dip in the past, has decided to show the Giant Female and the Armored another time side by side, as had not happened for some time. As imaginable, see the duo together again has brought back many memories in the minds of fans who have understood even more how far The attack of the Giants has done over the years and how it has come to the final bars.

Did you read the manga? What do you think of the latest implications? Let us know below in the comments.

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