The universe Dc comics is in the midst of a great event that upsets the classic cannons and introduces numerous new characters. But Future State is just getting started, and readers must prepare for the arrival of a new comic set entirely set in the dark and frightening Gotham City of the future.

DC Comics has just announced Future State: Gotham, an upcoming series that it will involve the whole bat family and that will use a gritty aesthetic with noir features. The comic begins with a six-issue story arc in which Jason Todd, also known as Red Hood, will play his role as a bounty hunter for the evil magistrate organization.

This first sheet, entitled "Hunt the Next Batman", is co-written by Joshua Williamson and Dennis Culver and is illustrated by Giannis Milonoggiannis. The cover of the first volume is made by Yasmine Putri, while the cover of the variant shows the stroke of James Stokoe.

Here she is Synopsis of the future state: Gotham. "THEThe disaster hits Gotham City and all evidence points to Tim Fox, the new Batman, being the culprit. When the magistrate hires him to kill Batman or kill him, Jason Todd chooses to bring justice to his family and allies"Meanwhile, the two Batgirls are in Future State: The Next Batman on a potentially fatal mission. A big change awaits Shazam in DC Future State.

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