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This review of Appare-Ranman! Contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the chapter yet, I recommend you do it and then go back to read the review.

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Chapter 4: Let it go

Appare-Ranman! Chapter 4, possibly inspired by Appare's wonderful win against Lyon, requires Jing that the arena team be given the opportunity to show their courage as a runner. However, it is not easy to challenge common sense, which is considered normal. His request is rejected until the team's star driver creates an opportunity for Jing with mocking words. The only requirement is that they can only use vehicle number zero, one that does not take part in official races and is not in very good condition.

Jing is determined to win and asks Appare for help with vehicle maintenance. Nevertheless, the Lyon team is the one who ends up waiting for the vehicle. At the request of Appare himself, he finally tried to do more than just maintain the vehicle. Although Appare has not helped with the vehicle, he leaves Jing with advice for the upcoming competition.

The day is finally coming, two vehicles, ten laps, a unique opportunity. A duel that few will experience is the starting point for an event that will change the history of motorsport. A tough competition that seems inexperienced to the inexperienced eye, but is analyzed by experts with high expectations. Although Jing seemed to have the edge for much of the race, he was never really in that position. Jing lets his opponent "do all the work" and takes advantage of the last round and overtakes his opponent.

A cowardly step away, however, causes Jing to lose control for a moment and hand over victory to his opponent. But even this accident becomes part of the will, which confirms Jing's real ability and passion for motorsport. What was testified today was not the defeat of a dreamer, but the opportunity to prove the opposite to the whole world. The transcontinental race is full of peculiar characters, full of passion and great ambition. The event of the century is approaching.

Passion that leads to the starting line

It feels good to be back. This has been a difficult year, but it is at least a consolation that there is no problem in this world that lasts forever. It was hard to hear about the delays, but now that Appare-Ranman and many others are finally back, you begin to understand that everything will eventually improve. Something optimistic on my part, true, but not necessarily wrong.

However, being optimistic is good and everything, but just being is not enough. Taking the initiative is vital. Even if the world is undoubtedly wrong, you cannot overcome it. Yes, I also speak to Jing. Just as Appare continually defies common sense by following his dreams and ideals, in this episode Jing finally begins to reject the bonds of society.

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Without a doubt, there is still some prejudice against motorsport and those who enjoy it to the fullest. Frankly, I don't care much about prejudice. If someone likes something, he should do it. In this chapter, they take advantage of the fact that this era is the pinnacle of motorsport and use motorsport as an exclusive discipline for the men's sector. It's not like it's wrong, at least not during this time. What the situation really sells to me, however, results from the general spectrum of the situation.

The problem does not arise as if only men could drive, but the real problem arises directly from the disposition of the audience. Those who are aware of this do not deny the latent potential of anyone to love and master the wheel, but understand that at this point nobody would expect anything from a pilot that does not conform to a certain stereotype. The audience and their interests are very clear, they want to see a pilot who represents them and who has a ruthless and courageous image.

You could say it's a question of self-esteem, but I would prefer not to be too rude to my predecessors, those who just wanted to enjoy a great race and laugh with their comrades while betting on the winning car. I can understand such a feeling. However, you really have a too closed mind. This and the above makes me very happy when I think about the effects that Jing's participation will have across America.

A scenario in which only the most stubborn refuse to understand, which proves to everyone that the only thing that matters in a discipline or activity is passion. Although I compared Jing a little bit with Appare because they both refuse to accept what is considered "normal", it is not correct. Appare ignores common sense, more Jing defies such ridiculous conventions and creates universal recognition for anyone who is passionate about motorsport.

Between the three powers and the unusual guests

In the world of fiction, it goes without saying that every great career requires at least one big figure to manipulate or participate in. Sure, under less than honorable methods. Simply put, there is always something to win if you cross the finish line before everyone else. Since many of these careers tend to be over the top and prices promise great wealth, it's not difficult to understand why everyone wants to be the center of attention.

They really aren't happy until the big companies start placing their bets on the table. Seeing the hands they prepared for the game is still great entertainment, but more fun is the chaos created by their ambitions.

We already know two representatives of these companies, and the third guest is a mystery so far. Evidence has been given that this character could be something of a loose cannon. Someone who doesn't follow the rules and has a wild and violent story and a less peaceful encounter with Dylan.

An outlaw who doesn't abide by the law, seems somewhat unpredictable, and has great talent with the trigger, that's the idea that comes to my mind from this third great representative. The conflict that arose between him and Dylan really excited me, but it could be something to talk about soon. If I jump to conclusions, they just come back to bite me later.

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What you should consider is how far these companies are willing to secure their victory. It would be a shame if the series treated her as a mere viewer. Every external factor adds to the excitement of these events. I hope you will not disappoint me and more than once help to advance this race. Even in the conflict between competitors, it never hurts to ask for a little more excitement.

Final note

Like I said, it feels good to be back. I try to be patient, but in the end it was difficult for me to wait for the chapter from Appare-Ranman in the middle of this eventuality. Especially after watching the fourth episode and the excitement for future episodes.

Why exactly am I saying this? Simply because I see the knowledge and skills of the team behind the series when it comes to showing the development of a vehicle competition. "Simple is better", sometimes such words are of great value, as it was in this episode. It may have been monotonous for some, but I really appreciate the path for this little competition.

As the two vehicles were always separated by a minimal distance, there was increasing tension as one waited for the crucial moment when one made a mistake or the other revealed his game plan. Only this constant balance and understanding of the reasons why it remains constant throughout your career is very satisfying. As soon as the last lap is reached, all preparation culminates in a final impulse that completely changes control of the race.

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As you can imagine, motorsport is one of my passions. I wouldn't call myself an expert yet, but I won't let my passion for it be questioned. I really enjoy showing skills and quirks that have real-world discipline, which is why this race felt so exciting and effective to me. Nothing is decided until you cross the finish line and take the lead. Sometimes it's just an illusion. That is the kind of emotion that arises when you know that even the slightest negligence can cost you everything.

I cannot imagine that they can continue to use this method in large intercontinental races, taking into account the scope and the special competitors. But at least I can say that the team is behind it Appare-Ranman It is more than just competent when it comes to bringing motorsport to life. I am confident that you can get the most out of this genre, so I will not worry about the segments that take place behind the wheel. The characters were also satisfactory, so it only has to be confirmed how good their goal is. We'll see if they can manage duels that are worthy of the Wild West's legacy.


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