A few hours ago Marvel Comics announced Immortal She-Hulk, a one-shot story that will fit into the upcoming crossover event between the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, Empyre. They will be dealt with by the writer Al Ewing, and the artists Jon Davis-Hunt and Joe Bennet.

Together with the announcement, the House of Ideas has provided a brief synopsis of the register, which we leave below:

"IN WAKE OF EMPYRE, JEN WALTERS becomes IMMORTAL! The events of EMPYRE have changed everything for Jennifer Walters. Now she seems to have a new lease on life ... but things are never so simple for the heroine. Al Ewing has made She-Hulk "Immortal", with a terrifying autonomous story! "

As already mentioned in the opening, this story will coincide with the Empyre event, written by Dan Slott in collaboration with Al Ewing himself. The narrative premises are quite simple, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four will engage in a battle with the Kree and the Skulls, previously rivals but now united in a single empire.

CB Cebulski editor defined it "the most shocking event of 2020 by Marvel", while executive editor Tom Brevoort provided a few more pointers regarding the nature of the project:

"Empyre was born from a series of classic Marvel stories, including the Kree-Skurll War, the saga of the Celestial Madonna, the origin of the Young Avengers and many others. It is the point of contact that brings together different elements that made the Marvel history. "

What are your expectations for the next incarnation of She-Hulk?

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