Goku's Ultra Instinct has held court in the last two Dragon Ball Super sagas that appeared at the end of the Tournament of Power, during the Molo saga, and finally at the beginning of the current Granolah arc. That Saiyan then dug a furrow between him and Vegeta again, his eternal rival. But the prince did not stand by and watch.

Dragon Ball Super 74 gave Vegeta shine with an unexpected transformation that brings the level of the two protagonists back to a level. Likewise Vegeta now has some kind of ultra instinct, even if its mode of operation immediately appeared very different from that of the angel variant. It is no coincidence that this form was born after training with the god of destruction Beerus, who advised Vegeta.

In the Dragon Ball Super 75 spoilers Vegeta seems to point to the true source of his power. When shallow rest is needed for Goku, it seems important for the prince to always have a fighting spirit at the helm. Beerus also mentioned this element a few chapters ago, reminding Vegeta of the "origins of his species".

If yes, Vegeta is certainly not lacking in fighting spiritwhen you consider that he lost heart very few times during the series.

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