In anticipation of news on the Dragon Ball Super web anime, slated for release in 2023, the work's fan base chats to the non-canon Super Dragonball Heroes. Produced by TOEI Animation and based on the Japanese arcade cabinet of the same name, the anime continues the Ultra God Mission, a story arc that brought back a character from the future.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission, fans were surprised by the identity of a Warrior in Black, the mysterious group of fighters in the service of the former Kaioshin of Time Aeos. between these, Black Gohan hidan alternate version of Mirai Gohan that fans were introduced to through the Future Trunks storyline.

Black Gohan's story from Super Dragon Ball Heroes is very different from Mirai Gohan's. Instead of sacrificing himself for Mirai Trunks and Bulma, Xeno Gohan saw his last two affections die at the hands of androids 17 and 18. Seeking a way to turn his parallel universe on its head and revive Trunks and Bulma, he teams with Aeos to acquire the Dark Dragon Balls. However, he ends up facing off against Xeno Trunks from the Time Patrol.

In Episode 8 of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission, Black Gohan's story ends. When Xeno Trunks is surrounded by Cell, #13 and others, Black is Gohan, who realizes his mistakes and asks forgiveness, which is his student in another timeline, to save him from the dangerous situation. Reunion, Xeno Trunks and Gohan Black team up to defeat opponents manipulated by Demigra.

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