From March 2023 it will be like this The superhero saga has officially begun, adaptation of the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero that Toyotaro and Toriyama also included in the manga after creating three prequel chapters mostly focused on Goten and Trunks. But now the most serious clashes of the saga begin, which go to the heart.

The first chapter was, with the exception of a brief expansion devoted to Krillin and his failed pursuit of Doctor Hedo and Magenta, a very faithful re-imagining of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, with very similar timing and direction. As the official Dragon Ball Super 92 spoiler images have revealed, the Collision between Piccolo and Gamma 2, as happens in the film, with the Namek immediately realizing the cybernetic nature of the enemy. How will it go on?

For those who don't want to wait for the next few days and the official debut on Manga Plus, the Dragon Ball Super 92 spoilers tell with pictures what happens in the rest of the chapter. The fight between the two continues much like in the movie, although here the Namek seems to be more able to hold his own against the enemy. After an energy attack, Piccolo escapes enemy radar and pretends to be dead while Gamma 2 returns to base. Piccolo will follow him, discovering the Red Band's fortress and the new enemies. Back to safety, he tries to contact Goku and Vegeta through Bulma, but the two Saiyans cannot be reached. It seems that Gamma 2 is on the same level as the two protagonists of Dragon Ball Super and therefore it will be difficult to defeat him and Gamma 1 without them.

Meanwhile, on the planet Beerus, an extraordinary battle is taking place: Goku vs Broly. The two fight and they will be the ones to open the dance in Dragon Ball Super 93. So it is confirmed Broly's debut in the manga.

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