Japan PostThe Japanese postal company that is currently in business recently said it had sold the historic number of 2.35 million postcard packages in less than a monthduring the holiday season. According to the representatives, the success is due to the partnership with Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

In Japan, it is traditional to go to the post office and send a postcard to family or friends, and during this time, more than ever, many Japanese have chosen to use them. Last December, the Post decided to work with Shueisha to produce packages of demon slayer-themed greeting cards that would go on sale for 660 yen (about € 5).

A few moments ago, the representatives of the Japanese post office announced this For the first time, more than 2 million packages were soldand specifically 2.35 million between December 2020 and January 2021. Sales would likely have continued to grow, but the product sold out quickly and is currently out of production. Below you can take a look at the four postcards in question, two in the chibi version and two regular ones.

The Japan Post representative said: "I think there was some kind of weird synergy, maybe we got lucky. We never expected to see similar numbers. We want to thank all the Japanese for sharing their good wishes with a nice Demon Slayer message. We will always interact with them in the future and develop similar products!".

Demon Slayer: Infinity Train is currently the second most watched anime movie in the world and will soon be surpassed for the second time The enchanted city. In the past few months, it seems that any product or person associated in any way with the anime is breaking some records. LiSA, for example, recently triumphed for the first time in her career at the 62nd Japan Record Awards, singing Homura, the movie's theme song.

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