The new event that brings great upheaval in the Marvel Comics universe or King in Black has arrived again X-MenAfter the god of the symbiote had already transformed the Avengers, the Mutants and the Fantastic Four into real slaves and sacrifices for the symbiotes in the first volume.

The second volume in the SWORD series However, he revealed the presence of other victims of Knull's evil plans, this time on Krakoa Island. After the rebirth of the SWORD, Earth's interstellar defense force, thanks largely to the commitment of Abigail Brand, who has decided to place the new headquarters directly on the island fully inhabited by mutants.

Despite their defensive strategies, Alpha Flight and the heroes of planet Earth fail in their mission to stop Knull's threat, and now a cell from KlyntarThe same material that symbionts are made of literally envelops the surface of the earth. Fortunately for SWORD, the Krakoa gates are still operational and Abigail makes it possible send the SHIELD team to review the situation.

Krakoa is completely covered in snow due to the darkness and low temperatures caused by the Knull Barrier that blocks the passage of sunlight. While Abigail entrusts Mentalio with the task of recovering the five keys to Krakoa's Resurrection Protocolreturns to the island, a figure Abigail sent to earth to stop the spread of symbionts.

electric wire, Son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor, was the subject of Knull's influence when he came into contact with a symbiote who made him an incredible danger, as you can see in Valerio Schiti's magnificent table that you see at the bottom of the news Find. What do you think of Cable's surprise return? What does this mean for Krakoa's future? Let us know with a comment below.

We remind you that the Marauders group is preparing to say goodbye to a member and leave the details to the new Nightcrawler series.

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