One of the biggest expectations of this spring 2021 season is the disappointment of the community. Let's talk about that Season 5 of My Hero Academiawhich, according to a good part of the audience, began slowly due to the Joint Training Arc, a saga that is necessary, however, to highlight the new skills of the protagonists.

My Hero Academia 5 offers a total of 10 episodes on Crunchyroll, of which only a handful managed to delight fans. While rounds three and four of the joint test between class 1-A and class 1-B spanned spectacular strokes, the first two proved to be successful pretty boring and focus on strategy.

To confirm the rather cold treatment From the fans for the new season there are the dates of the Japanese television. They were shared by Twitter user Shibuya Smash and state that the broadcast of the first episode in the Kanto region was only 3.2%. It should be noted that the subsequent episodes were a slow and gradual crescendo, with the fourth episode reaching 4.2%. Of the first nine episodes, the fourth and seventh episodes were the most watched in the Kanto region.

At the end of the clash between the two sections of Primini, Season 5 of My Hero Academia continues with a narrative arc which will surely reverse this trend. Indeed, the ball will go into the hands of the bad guys. And what do you think about this new season? Meanwhile, Deku seems to be losing control in My Hero Academia 5x10.

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