Demon Slayer Film is in the top 10 most watched in Japan, and it’s nearing its peak

It premiered in Japanese cinemas on October 16 Demon Slayer Movie: Infinity Train. While it's not the long-awaited second season of Demon Slayer, it is an important piece of history for Tanjiro and Nezuko. At the top of the scene is the Kyojuro Rengoku pillar, who will face an unthinkable challenge.

The film turned out to be the absolute winner at the box office: In a few days, the film sold up to 10 million tickets via Demon Slayer. From day one, it confirmed a remarkably positive trend that broke record after record. With the latest data entering Demon Slayer Movie: Infinity Train in Top 10 Most Profitable Movies in Japan.

In fact, 15.7 billion yen (about 128 million euros) was raised. To surpass Avatar, who had ranked very last in the Japanese Top 10 for years. With these recent revenues, the Demon Slayer film became the fifth highest-rated animated feature film in the Land of the Rising Sun. There are only a few films left in front of him, and it would not be surprising if he could manage to rise above every ranking in this area within a few months Beat Studio Ghibli's Enchanted City, first since 2001.

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