Fantastic Four: Marvel introduces a new Galactus in the latest edition of Antitesi

The Marvel Comics universe is going through many changes with the release of the latest series of events, and artists Mark Waid and Neal Adams have decided to follow this trail of news by introducing the latest volume in the Antithesis of history Fantastic Four a new eater of the world.

Known as GalactusThis immense unit, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966, immediately established itself as one of the most powerful enemies ever to appear in American comics, and one of the main villains in the Fantastic Four stories. Although they have played a predominantly negative role for a long time, starting from made his debut on the pages of Fantastic Four 48In recent years, Galactus posed no real threat to the Marvel multiverse and even became Galactus, the Bringer of Life.

Recently, the Eater of the World has also turned to its historical rivals for help in destroying its antithesis. an anti-galactus that threatens to exterminate all existing life forms on earth and beyond. Reed Richards accepts this request for help and joins Galactus on the splendid table below. He gives him the legendary team costume.

It is an extremely special alliance that writer Neal Adams commented: "The truth is that every time I ask if something can be done, they let me do it. And every now and then, new material about the Fantastic Four pops up, and I know there is Jack Kirby and John Buscema out there, and even if i care it's the best i can do. These writers were amazing, and they really went on to shape the Fantastic Four. There is only one true story dedicated to them. Galactus and Silver Surfer. It is so. Then Jack introduced himself to Kirby Silver surfer. He had created this character who is able to surf the galaxy and as soon as we saw him we loved him. "

Remember the Fantastic Four have reached the end of the Marvel Universe and we'll leave you to the new team design.

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