Yesterday, Studio Chizu released a new presentation trailer and promotional images for BEAUTIFULA film by Mamoru Hosoda, director of Wolf Children and Mirai, and the release date of the film in question, slated for July 16 in Japanese theaters, have also been confirmed.

The spot, which you can find in the post at the bottom of the page, aired yesterday after the Kinyo Road Show, which is dedicated to the Titanic movie, and then shared it on the official pages of the page on social networks Film studio founded in April 2011 by Hosoda and Yuchiro Saito themselves. One of the many people involved in the ambitious project is Jin Kim as a character designer who has also worked for major Disney productions.

The speakers, who take on the roles of some of the main and minor characters, have also been announced through the images you can always find below. Ryo Narita will play the role of Shinobu HisatakeShota Sometani will instead be Shinjiro Chikami, while Tina Tamashiro and singer Rira Ikuta will give voice to Ruka Watanabe and Hiroka Betsuyaku, respectively. Plus the staff also spread out the image of Justian, the leader of the vigilante group known as Justiceand some sketches by Jin Kim for the character of Belle.

From what the study confirmed: "Mamoru Hosoda and Jin have always respected each other's work, and they met when Mirai was nominated for an Oscar in Los Angeles. One day they would collaborate creativelyand finally this goal seems to have come true with BELLE. "

We are waiting for more information about the film and leave the first trailer from BELLE with details about the plot. We leave you to our review of Wolf Children.

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