Crunchyroll, the general manager, reveals: "Hollywood can’t do what we do"

In the years Crunchyroll has established itself more and more in the international anime market and even produced projects like the recent success of Tower of God itself. The company's general manager recently interviewed Variety to take stock of the situation.

After the big rumors about Sony's acquisition of Crunchyroll Johanne Libra, General manager of the American giant, told readers of diversity The huge influence of the anime market, a sector that is growing worldwide, thanks in part to Warner Media, the group to which the company belongs:

"Warner's relationships with animation have been around for many years, they have numerous great characters, and they even know where the anime came from.".

Then she turned to face HBO maxwhich, among other things, has a small section devoted to Crunchyroll showing all of his excitement about working with the big HBO titles. Then he added:

"Co-production partners need to pay close attention to suggestions. Adding or removing certain things can maximize viewers in a given area. We already have 150 marketers around the world who know their local market very well. And so Hollywood studios can't do that , what we do. "

Finally, the article concluded with a brief explanation from the director who was going to indicate how much The anime market is not a fad. And you, what do you think of his words instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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