The fourth season of Attack of the Giants is without a doubt the greatest testimony to Hajime Isayama's writing skills. After 90 chapters and 3 seasons accompanied by the reconnaissance army, indeed We have come to know the enemies of Eren and Companionsand after the last actions of the protagonist it is really difficult to choose a side.

In the first four episodes of The Attack of the Giants 4 The first part of Marley's story arc has been adjustedand the audience got to know Gabi, Falco, Colt, Zofia, Udo and all current owners of the Shapeshifting Giants from Pieck to Porco on Zeke and Reiner. In addition, it was finally possible to discover the past of the armored giant and the events that led to the destruction of Wall Maria.

After four episodes accompanied by Marley's Eldians It's really hard not to put yourself in her shoesespecially after discovering the sad scenario that led to the infiltration of Paradise and all the consequences of the Fall.

On the other hand, in the sixth episode of Attack of the Giants 4 we got to know a new side of Eren, Mikasa, Armin and companions the first to choose to indiscriminately massacre all the residents of Liberius. In a brief exchange during the Giant Hammer Fight, Mikasa reminds Eren that thousands of innocent people, including the elderly and children, lost their lives during the transformation and the attack on Willy Tybur. and that it is no longer possible to go back. Eren ignores Mikasa's words and prepares a plan to consume his opponent and gain his power.

Eren has changed and Even the other members of the Scout Army have no qualms about slaughtering their opponents. Floch kills the innocent villagers by "paying them back for the events of Paradise" while Sasha shoots and kills two guards in front of a young girl, Gabi, who is increasingly shocked by what is happening. At this point, one wonders if Eren can ever stop or if there is still a line he cannot cross.

We want to hear yours, of course. Eren or Reiner? Paradise or Marley? Do you have a preference Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below!

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