2021 didn't open in the best way to the world of anime and manga, with heavy criticism of MAPPA for working on The Attack of the Giants 4, insults to the producers of Jobless Reincarnation and Redo of Healer, and a few days ago, strong criticism of the sequel to Oregairu 3, of which the first OVA was recently shown.

A brief overview for those who are not following the problem. Oregairu's novel series ended in November 2019and immediately after the final tape was released, the anime's third season aired, which again ended last September. The story is not really over, howeverGiven that in July 2020 author Wataru Watari began publishing a number of new canonical novels to be part of the new series Oregairu: Shin (translatable as Oregairu: new beginning).

Shin is the official sequel to the series, and at the moment 4 volumes of the light novel have been published in Japan. The biggest problem for the fans is that the new series completely skews the story and turns Oregairu into a kind of harem. The characters do not behave consistently, and in the first 4 volumes we often talk about treason and there are several scenes of antagonism between the protagonists. For now, we prefer not to enter spoiler territory, but it is true that the story takes a decidedly unexpected and controversial turn.

However, on January 17th it was announced that Oregairu would be receiving an OVA from this new series of novels, and the first official trailer was released some time ago, which you can check out below. The production decided to transpose the content of Oregairu: Shin 1: 1 and the fans didn't take it well.

Oregairus OVA does not currently have an official release date, but we can expect more information in the next few months. We also remind you that none of this has anything to do with the other project that was announced on January 17th. Oregairu: KetsuThis could be both an alternate story and a full anime adaptation of Shin.

Oregairu Shin Egg Cells Trailer from R / Anime

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