My Hero Academia: All Might has arrived in this new character

All Might, the most powerful among the heroes of the past generation of My hero academiais the subject of a new action figure produced by First 4 Figures. Let's look at it.

The mighty hero, inspired by classic American superheroes, in Kohei Horikoshi's successful manga always had what can be defined the role of superman. However, the story begins with a serious wound being exposed Anything could from his arch-nemesis All For One, who will make him give up his role to look for a successor.

Although his strength drops sharply, and he manages to take and maintain his muscular shape for just a few seconds, the hero remains one of the most popular and his role in the series is very important for the protagonist's growth.

To celebrate this incredible character First 4 figures He then published a video on his Twitter account showing us the new character dedicated to him. From the tweet I report at the bottom of the news, we can see how those The hero's arms have joints through which it is possible to make the statuette assume different poses.

Currently in the series, due to its condition, All Might no longer takes part in the fights acts as a teacher for the protagonists. The bad guys we talked about several times on this website are gaining traction, such as when we wondered if the crimes committed in My Hero Academia can be forgiven or in the recent discussion about the need for spin-offs for My Hero toga Academia.

What do you think of this character? You like it? Let us know in a comment.

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