With the debut of the animated adaptation of chainsaw man, one of the community's doubts has finally been resolved. Author Tatsuki Fujimoto shed light on the truth on the occasion of the broadcast of the fifth installment of Studio MAPPA's production.

In which Chapter 14 of the manga series, the Fourth Division of Public Safety is tasked with searching a motel for one of the Devil Gun's body parts. Before diving into the facility, the felhunter team conducts a debrief Aki is particularly strict with Denji and Power. Realizing the situation, the two wonder if it's because of the trick they played on him that same morning.

There is no information on the manga pages about the kind of joke Denji and Power played on Aki, who is particularly nervous about it. The truth only came out three years after publication of the chapter questionable.

The quoted part is adapted in Chainsaw Man 1x05 and in connection with the broadcast, author Tatsuki Fujimoto finally unveiled this trick. Apparently, while Aki was resting, Denji and Power approached him a large piece of feces. Aki's quiet mornings in Chainsaw Man will never be the same due to the coexistence with Denji and Power.

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