The fight with gas alternates increasingly against the protagonists of Dragon Ball Super. The strength of the heeter is from much higher than that of Goku and Vegeta, although these two enter the Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego states respectively. And even when they fight together, they don't seem able to defeat Gas.

But Vegeta has decided not to give up. The Saiyan Prince, like he had done with Granolah, has decided to take many blows that appear to act as fuel and make him much stronger. A not very conservative technique, but it could have a positive effect in combat. In Dragon Ball Super 85, the official spoilers focus on just that.

The manga's official website unveils seven pages, which you can find collected in the following tweet. Vegeta and Gas continue to clash, with Heeter once again proving superior. There is so much action as the two continue to face off Goku stands by and watches. And right there is a very interesting phrase that adds an extra note: "Vegeta seems to be ruthlessly confronting Gas, without considering his own life, but there's something going on that only Goku noticed. ?"

We'll have to wait another week before we see the characters in full action Dragon Ball Super 85.

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