Dragon Ball: Fans want the Super Saiyan 4 to become canon at all costs

Although it has been years since the fourth-tier Super Saiyans appeared in Dragon Ball GT, their memory is still alive in the hearts of many fans. The influence that the fourth stage of evolution had on history and, by the way, on the fans, is undeniable and is still noticeable today.

What is seen in the narrative sheets of Dragon Ball GT is not canon is now a fact, a reality that we have now accepted. However, what is still hard to digest is the choice not to include that Fourth level Super Saiyan in every Dragon Ball Super story arc.

Hope always lives, however and to feed it, let's think about what's going on in the world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, who introduced Vegetto and many other characters in the saga. The multiverse recalled the most advanced stage ofDevelopment of Goku and Vegeta to prove how much the memory of the Dragon Ball GT events is still alive.

Unfortunately, even in the new Dragon Ball Super story arc, we won't be seeing the fourth level Super Saiyans in action, but considering how much they are still loved, the hope of seeing them in action is still not ready for that To give up fans of the universe created by Akira Toriyama.

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