The first episodes of chainsaw man They served as a lengthy prologue, introducing the protagonist Denji, showing his daily struggles and how his life was turned upside down through his transformation into the Chainsaw Devil and through contacts with Makima and public safety. Everything is now set for another pivotal point in the series.

The fifth episode ofAnime produced by MAPPA In fact, it shows a more fragile side of the protagonist. In fact, Denji knows he must face the confusion that plagues him before he can pursue his dreams with the vigor and determination necessary. Makima steps in to help the boy, eventually stating that if he really wants to get what he wants, he must defeat the most dangerous devil in the world known as the Gun Devil.

The last time he was sightedThe Devil Gun would have killed 1.2 million people in less than five minutes during a terrorist attack in the United States of America, thanks to its exceptional strength and speed. A chilling crowd of victims, and it shows the lethality of the great goal of the hunters, and now Denji himself. Were you impressed by the story of the Devil Gun, the most dangerous in the Chainsaw Man universe? Tell us in the comments.

Have you already seen the grandiose ending of the fifth episode of the anime? Finally we leave you with the preview of Chainsaw Man 1x06.

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