The trailer for the anime by Mashle: magic and muscle previewed the spectacularity with which the artists from A-1 Pictures decided to depict the fights, one of the strengths of Hajime Komoto's work. The studio is back with new information on the cast of the protagonists' voice actors and their character designs.

In which promotional video which you can see at the bottom of the page shared by WSJ_manga on social networks, introduces us to the prestigious Easton Academy with a voiceover and then introduces five dark silhouettes. These are the new students of the Adler dormitory, where the protagonist was also sorted. It's only one Mash Burndead voiced by Chiaki Kobayashidedicated to the first fast-paced presentation sequence with scenes taken directly from the manga.

is to follow him Finn Ames, Mash's first friend at the Academy. Shy and introverted, Finn is Rayne's younger brother, bestowed the title of Divine Enlightened One, and is voiced by Kawashima Reiji. The third to be introduced is crown of lancesvoiced by Ishikawa Kaito, a student with great magical power who saw the two marks under his right eye and who will join the group after a battle with Mash to test his strength.

Finally they are presented Daut Barrettthe Eguchi Takuya, expert in explosive magic and with a difficult character, who will lend the voice, and Lemon Irvinewho will be played by Ueda Reina, a girl enrolled at Easton for family reasons who will show a deep affection for Mash.

Tell us in the comments what are your first impressions of the designs featured in the video. Finally, remember that the anime will fully adapt the manga.

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