Last month we had the pleasure of introducing you to the Crobat card from the Silver Storm expansion to the Pokémon TCG. Finally today the Silver Storm set has arrived at all kiosks and in authorized specialist shops.

The expansion features a whopping 190 cards in total, including three brand new Shiny Pokémon, namely Tsareena Lucente, Alakazam Lucente and the legendary Jirachi Lucente. Shiny Pokémon are the TCG equivalent of Pokémon glitteringor chromatic, of the pocket monsters video games: however, in addition to another color that certifies their exclusivity, the "shiny" cards also boast specially printed illustrations on paper and stronger abilities and attacks than their normal counterparts.

In addition to these three cards, then, we find a total of 15 Pokémon V, 18 full-length Pokémon V, a Pokémon VMAX and 6 Pokémon V ASTRO: among the latter we find Lugia-V ASTRO and Regidrago-V ASTROalong with Vulpix from Alola-V ASTRO, the first Pokémon-V ASTRO ever released that hasn't reached the final evolutionary stage.

Among the 190 cards in the set there is also space for 30 cards from the Trainer Gallery Set, featuring artful illustrations of the most popular Pokémon and trainers from across the TCG. Overall, according to the Sword and Shield - Shining Storm page on the Pokémon Trading Card Game website, the expansion will be "more than 15 manager cards ".

As always, Each pack in the expansion contains ten cards and can be purchased from authorized retailers "in bulk" or as part of one of the Star Player Trainer Sets or a Trading Card Game Special Collection.

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