Katakuri by ONE PIECEHe is a five meter tall man with vermilion short hair, red eyes and two mirror scars on his face. He has sharp teeth and a marble build. These and all other details have been faithfully recreated in a new figure from Sweets General.

Along with the character of Yamato, @iker_logan has proposed a further update of its already extensive catalogue. The latter is associated with countless franchises in the anime world: Dragon Ball, Bleach and Naruto. The novelty is a statuette of Charlotte Katakuri (ONE PIECE), available for pre-order starting November 7, 2022.

Manufactured by TJ Studio, available in two different versions, it does justice to the important physicality of the figure with a height of 31 or 36 centimeters. Product cost varies from €185 for the regular version and 245 euros for the FORMER. The reservation of the same amount amounts to 50 € and €80 It will take a while before you touch it with your hand. Actually thethe release of the collectible is expected between the second and third quarter of 2023. In the tweets at the bottom of the news, you can admire the power of katakuri that emanates from the considerable amount of detail.

The tufts, the shading on the forehead, the texture of the clothes: It almost seems as if the character comes to life. Share your impressions of the Katakuri character with us to the space reserved for comments and don't miss the ONE PIECE 1066 spoilers.

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