Demon Slayer has just ended on Weekly Shonen Jump, yet another excellent name seems to be about to greet the ranks. For some time already The Promised Neverland is nearing its end and the authors, as well as the editorial staff, have repeatedly confirmed that the ending is very close. And the first spoilers seem to confirm that we are running out.

As usual, Thursdays the first spoilers of the Weekly Shonen Jump series come out and among them there is The Promised Neverland. The title of Kaiu Shirai and Demizu Posuka launched a surprise chapter 177 where mom Isabella died, one of the characters who appeared in the first chapter. Once this phase is archived, the first images, which you can see at the bottom, and the descriptions launch us towards the end.

Emma and the other children head for the Grace Field elevator and they will meet Music for a last farewell. Once down the passage, the world changes and the golden waters seem to envelop even children and humans who are not in that area, like those in intensive farms who cannot move or speak independently.

In the final pages the boys find themselves on a shore, half-welcome. Phil is the first to wake up in a scenario with the Statue of Liberty: have they finally arrived in the human world? In the next chapter, The Promised Neverland will receive the cover and color pages to celebrate the climax. It could therefore be the arrival of the long-awaited finale.

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