The adult visual novel Nukitashi, also known as What Do I Do With This Island Full of Perverts?, is leveling up to anime status. That's right, KADOKAWA is bringing the heat with NIKUTASHI: THE ANIMATION. They dropped a hype promo video and a slick visual for all of us to gawk at. But hold up, they're keeping the deets like the animation studio and premiere date on the down-low. And it's still a mystery if the original voice squad from the visual novel will be bringing their A-game to the anime.

Back in June 2018, Qruppo first teased us with a trial version of the visual novel in Japan. The full-fledged version hit the shelves in July 2018 as a limited edition, with a regular release following in August. Fast forward to June 2023, and Shiravune drops an English version on Steam. It's a quickie, with just a 2-hour playtime. But for those who want the uncut, raw experience, there's an official patch to strip away the censorship.

And get this, NIKUTASHI got a sequel in May 2019, boasting over 55 hours of gameplay and keeping the original cast. But for now, it's a Japan-exclusive, so language learners, it's time to level up!

Deep Dive into NUKITASHI's Wild World

Seiran Island is a haven where kinky sex isn't just legal; it's encouraged. Enter Junnosuke, the new kid and proud virgin who's all about chastity. He's not about that 'loveless sex' life, clashing with the island's free-love laws. But here's the kicker: abstainers get slapped with immediate arrest, and we're talking full-on fellatio and intercourse! Can Junnosuke and his crew dodge the student council and the discipline committee, aka the "SS," in their quest to keep it pure? The battle for virginity is on!

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So, what's the sitch? Are you hyped for the anime? Think Junnosuke can keep it in his pants? Hit up the comments, share with your squad, and let's get the convo rolling. And remember, keep it classy – or at least, as classy as you can when talking about an island of lust!

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