In a world where VTuber idols pledge their lives to their fans, the discovery of a secret romance can spell disaster. Two years ago, Hololive Production's Uruha Rushia faced this very fate. Her dismissal came swiftly after a leak suggested she had a partner, a taboo in the idol industry. Following a controversy that left fans feeling betrayed. The drama unfolded live when Rushia received a private Discord message from Mafumafu, a famed Japanese indie singer, whose words hinted at a romantic involvement.

The revelation shook the very foundations of the VTuber fandom, as idols in Japan are expected to dedicate their lives to their fans, with romantic relationships being a strict no-go. Rushia's accidental exposure of her private life led to her swift exit from Hololive Production, citing "leaks of information" and "reputational damage."

Fast forward to today, and the embers of the past have been fanned into flames once again. Mafumafu has broken his silence, revealing in a recent interview that he was married and has since divorced, with fans speculating that Rushia was the other half of this secret union.

Uruha Rushia

The Plot Thickens: Mafumafu's Detailed Account

Amidst the whirlwind of events, Mafumafu has chosen to refer to his ex-partner only as "A-san," fueling fan theories. His lengthy statement paints a picture of a relationship that began before the summer of 2021, leading to marriage by the year's end, and ending in a divorce filled with legal battles and social media turmoil.

  • Despite initial resistance from friends and family, Mafumafu and "A-san" wed, challenging the traditional concept of love.
  • He contemplated going public about the marriage but was deterred by "A-san's" internet popularity and the potential backlash.
  • Controversy and misinformation spread, but Mafumafu struggled to find the right moment to set the record straight.
  • The relationship was marred by control and accusations, with Mafumafu being forced to stay connected online to dispel cheating suspicions.
  • Domestic violence realization led Mafumafu to seek a divorce, despite "A-san's" initial protests.
  • A new home bought for a fresh start became a symbol of their strained relationship, with "A-san" using social media to express dissatisfaction.
  • Public statements by "A-san" contradicted the truth, prompting Mafumafu to seek legal correction of misinformation.
  • Divorce proceedings were tainted by infidelity accusations and a refusal to settle amicably, culminating in a split without financial exchange.
  • Mafumafu's post-divorce home was cluttered with remnants of their life together, including the remains of "A-san's" pet.
  • Discord and LINE screenshots revealed "A-san's" infidelity, further complicating the divorce narrative.
  • Amidst the divorce, Mafumafu faced relentless social media harassment, with false accusations of abuse and infidelity.
  • Legal action against anonymous forums led to the revelation that "A-san" was behind many defamatory posts.
  • Mafumafu's dedication to his pets contradicted cruel rumors of animal abuse, highlighting the depth of the slander.
  • Despite the regularity of defamation in his career, Mafumafu couldn't ignore the hypocrisy of "A-san" participating in online slander.
  • Turning to the courts for truth, Mafumafu prepared for the exposure of details, seeking justice over silence.
  • The ongoing civil case against "A-san" for defamation, coupled with police involvement, indicates a move towards legal resolution.

The extensive statement has dramatically shifted fan perception of Uruha Rushia, with many elements suggesting she is the "A-san" in question. The mention of her anticipated internet return as a different character, possibly "Mikeneko," adds to the intrigue.

Unveiling the Past: Mafumafu's Confession

Today, Mafumafu steps forward with a confession that reopens old wounds. He admits to a hidden marriage and subsequent divorce, sparking rumors that Rushia was his spouse. The details he provides paint a vivid picture of their shared journey.

Marriage Behind the Scenes

Mafumafu and "A-san," believed to be Rushia, tied the knot against the backdrop of societal expectations. Their union, born out of a love that defied norms, soon faced the harsh realities of public scrutiny.

The Struggle for Truth

Amidst a storm of misinformation, Mafumafu considered going public about his marriage. Yet, "A-san's" online presence and potential backlash kept the truth hidden. As their relationship crumbled, Mafumafu's attempts to clarify the situation were met with resistance and control.

Divorce and Defamation

The path to divorce was fraught with accusations and social media battles. Mafumafu's efforts to correct false narratives were ignored, leaving him to navigate a maze of lies and legal challenges.

Aftermath and Healing

Following the divorce, Mafumafu faced a barrage of slander. Yet, he stood firm, seeking justice through legal means. His commitment to transparency and the pursuit of truth marks a new chapter in his life.

As the scandal unfolds, Mafumafu's cleared name marks a stark contrast to the blame he faced two years ago. The question on everyone's mind: what will happen next? Caught up in the whirlwind of this digital drama? Share this saga with your friends and stay tuned for the next chapter in the VTuber universe!

Source: Mafumafu's Personal Blog

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