On the official website of the OVA Planetary: snow globe, based on the visual novel by Visual arts and keyIt has been announced that the premiere scheduled for this month has been postponed to January 2021.

The statement details that the studies Okuru to Noboru They did an excellent job of completing the project on the promised date. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan, many of the processes were delayed, resulting in the postponement of the premiere. Since this is a fundraising project, the staff sincerely apologized for not reaching the goal on time.

This OVA is based on a prequel short story called "Snow Globe," which was released as part of a light-weight novel in a limited edition of the original PC game. Other stories in the novel include "Jerusalem", "Hoshi no Hito" (Star Man); and "Tircis to Aminte". The novel also contained a limited version for Playstation 2 of the game.

Production team

  • Jin Tamamura is responsible for directing the episode in the studios Okuru to Noboru.
  • Shogo Yasukawa He is responsible for composing the series and writing the scripts.
  • Hitomi Takechi is responsible for the character design.

Previous animation projects for the franchise include anime Planetarian: Chiisana Hoshi no Yume, which had five episodes and was released in July 2016; followed by the film Planetarians: Hoshi no Hito which came out in theaters in September of the same year.

Planetary summary

Thirty years have passed since the failure of the space colonization program. Humanity is threatened with extinction. Eternal and utter rain falls on the earth. Men known as "Junkers" extract goods and artifacts from the ruins of civilization. One of these men sneaks into the most dangerous ruin, a "sarcophagus city".

Discover a planetarium in the center of this ruined city. And when he walks in, he is greeted by Hoshino Yumemi, an auxiliary robot. Without a doubt, assuming the man is the first customer in thirty years, she tries to show him the stars, but the planetarium projector is broken. The man cannot understand their conversation and eventually agrees to fix the projector ...

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