The last chapters of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations they were real bombs full of revelations and plot twists. The mystery around the organization Kara it becomes more and more dense, as the real intentions that pushed are not entirely clear Amado and Kashin Koji to rebel.

Among the various news that the Kara deserter has brought to Naruto and companions in chapter 46, there was the truth about the real essence of Karma and what is the purpose of that small sign that stains the palm of Boruto. In addition, Amado told the story of ishiki is Jigen, ending the speech, at the end of the chapter, saying that a way to beat theOtsutsuki there is and he knows it.

Obviously this did nothing but increase the fan hype for the chapter 47 (out on June 19) which, according to the first advances made public by the Twitter profile BorutoExplorer, I will continue to unhook revelations on revelations. At this point we are curious to know which others mysteries are hidden, as we are curious to understand if Kashin Koji was really created by the body or in any case by the cells of Jiraiya, as we seemed to understand by reading between the lines.

As you can see from the post reported at the bottom of the article, in chapter 47 the fight between Jigen and the mysterious Koji will continue and, perhaps, we will also begin to understand how Boruto and Kawaki will face the fate that awaits them.

What do you think of these advances and the implications that the plot is taking? Let us know below in the comments.

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