The flagship of the second feature film dei Pokémon is undoubtedly the legendary Lugia. The mythical creature was created specifically for the film by the then writer of the series, Takeshi Shudo.

Before his departure, unfortunately in 2010, the writer used to insert in his blog some interesting background on the animated series of Pokémon. In one of many confidences, Shudo revealed an unpublished detail on the second generation marine beast.

Thanks to the translation of Dr. Lava, we discover that - in reality - Lugia was designed to embrace both sexes:

"Obviously there was Lugia, whose voice is clearly masculine, although in my mind Lugia is characterized by a masculine and a feminine part that intertwine".

This conception of the author it is amply exemplified by the appearance of the Pokémon; it is difficult, in fact, to identify its genus. It is a speech that could also extend to the rest of the legendary creatures, which - for the most part - have an absolutely neutral aesthetic.

However, the screenwriter did not like the decision to make the Pokémon interpret a male voice, but unfortunately - when he realized it - it was too late to remedy:

"The advertisements had already been broadcast. It was too late, they couldn't suddenly change the sex of the Pokémon ... I got to the point of drinking alcohol and using substances. I started feeling like I wanted to die."

Takeshi Shudo intended to manage the evolution of Ash and his companions in the first Pokémon series differently. Also, a scene between Ash and Misty in the second feature made the author terribly angry.

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