Boruto: Naruto’s final decision on Amado’s request

The last chapters of Boruto: Naruto next Generations they brought a real earthquake into the series. All of a sudden, with the landing of Amado to Konoha, Naruto, Boruto and us readers, we received so much information that we were banned for a moment, especially considering the extent of some of them.

We have found out everything the story behind Ishiki and the Jigen container. We found out how Karma works and how it does itOtsutsuki to control the body of the monk Jigen thanks to his own skills of shrinking. There have been many innovations to learn and memorize, yet they still remain many questions about the Kara Organization in general and also on the real reasons that prompted Amado e Koji to rebel.

According to the first advances of Boruto chapter 47 coming out on June 19, besides still seeing the combat between the rebel and Jigen, we will discover many other secrets than Amado will share with us and with Konoha, thanks to the decision made by Naruto to give him shelter.

Indeed, in the chapter 46 released this month, Amado claimed from Naruto an answer regarding his asylum requestotherwise he would no longer share information. The scientist revealed that he had studied the statute of Fire Country and to know for sure that theHokage can make such a decision without consulting with the Daimyo. Always Amado also demanded gods written documents that they feel asylum towards him and even if for the moment he is satisfied with one answer "on the word" has communicated that it will not take off the explosive collar from Shikadai until he has all the cards in his hands.

At this point we just have to find out what this "collaboration" can offer at a new level knowledge to us readers and to Konoha in particular.

What do you think of the seventh decision?

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