After an initial development, the new story arc is from Boruto: Naruto the next generations is finally ready for a fireworks display: The fight between the leaf village and the Kara organization is just around the corner.

The Kawaki Saga: In a clash with Kara, Naruto was welcomed to the Kawaki house, the Kara organization ship that owns the karma, the same seal from Boruto. After a difficult acclimatization period, the boy seems to have calmed the spirits, but the situation is about to worsen. The insides of the criminal organization are went to look for him.

In the last episode of the anime, we saw Kashin Koji succeed Enter the Leaf Villageand for some mysterious reason managed to bypass the sensor team led by Ino Yamanaka. Koji is not alone, however, Delta is also waiting for him outside the walls of Konoha.

As can be seen from the summary of the next two episodes, the only Kara woman is tired of waiting: Delta is about to come unleash his anger. Episode 198 titled "Monsters" will open the dance. ""Delta invades the village to bring back Kawaki! Naruto is on his way to protect the boys. "

Hence the bet will bring the seventh Hokage to show all of his power to protect his family. Will Delta be a worthy antagonist? What do you think, are you looking forward to Naruto getting serious again? In the meantime, here is the preview for Boruto 197. How much has the protagonist improved? Here is the training between Boruto and Naruto.

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