The last chapters of My hero academia They show the sudden development of Izuku Midoriya: from a boy who is unsure of himself and without strength to an established hero who faces all the problems of Japanese society. A new era begins for One For All.

After the brutal fight with Tomura Shigaraki in the war arc and the following phase of hospital healing, in which he finally stumbled upon the traces of One For All, Izuku has become another person. There seems to be nothing left of the happy and cheerful boy in class 1-A, his only goal now is to continue the legacy of his character and his life forever erase All For One.

To accomplish this difficult mission, Deku relies solely on himself and his new skills, which Kohei Horikoshi gradually reveals to the fans. Although the body of the young Midoriya is not yet ready to support them One for all at full capacityThe boy is already showing significant improvements, thanks in part to the help of all eight remains of the quirk.

Finally, in Chapter 310 of My Hero Academia, the second and third owner of One For All are being revealed to the public and while their quirks are still unknown, they have already stated that they are ready to actively work with Deku.

Now that Midoriya can finally count on all traces, her One For All is ready for it Change pace. A new era is just around the corner: Shigaraki and All For One are warned. But what new skills will Deku reveal? In My Hero Academia 311, the scenario could change. Here are the predictions for release. Horikoshi spoke about the end of My Hero Academia, who will be involved and when was it considered?

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