Tower of God was a success, a series that managed to breathe life into the world of Webtoon. Webcomics are indeed a reality that is growing in popularity around the world, thanks in part to sites like Line, which legally collect and fund writers to continue their projects.

The animated adaptation of the brilliant series by SIUwhich recently revealed that it was inspired by Dragon Ball, among other things, has garnered the noise of a large section of the public, including westerns, thanks to production and distribution curated by Crunchyroll who believed strongly in the project. The success seems to have convinced the American giant, according to rumors, to start a second season. But when will it debut Tower of god 2?

According to a recent hypothesis by Anime News and Facts, we know that the animated adaptation is the result of such Collaboration between Crunhyroll and Line. The latter company's intention could move production forward delay even 2 or 3 years ahead of the expected debut to erase the hype burst and urge fans to get the series directly from the official website. And only when the attention has finally subsided is it reasonable to expect more news about the anime.

If this sounds strange to you, a similar fate is actually touching Dragon Ball Super 2. Toei animationIn fact, it seems to be delaying the sequel announcement precisely because the franchise continues to hit record numbers without having to spend money upfront to add a new series to a production. And you, when will Tower of God 2 make its debut?

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