Since its first appearance, Eida has seemed virtually unstoppable. The young woman recently introduced herself Boruto: Naruto Next Generation She has an eye power that allows her to instantly see both the past and the present and witness a conversation or events that happened at any place and time after her birth.

However, the girl is endowed with another, much more deadly power: charm. Everyone who sees her must fall in love with her, whether male or female. All of this happened with the super villain code, with several soldiers of the base where she was imprisoned, but the same thing happens even in Konoha, even with the always stoic Shikamaru Nara falling victim to the enemy's mysterious charms. In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Eida's power is to be kept under control. Surprisingly, someone capable of fighting back seems to have arrived.

In chapter 76 of Boruto, Sarada and Sumire were invited to her room by Eida to talk about love. In contrast to others, Sarada Uchiha does not fall for Eida's charm. This power of the Uchiha still has unknown origins and could be due to her insensitivity to love or the fact that she's in love with someone, and this could be the same reason Sumire doesn't seem particularly affected either. Or Eida involuntarily lowered her eyes and thus the effect of the spell was reduced.

This is how new scenarios finally open up in Boruto 77 Konoha might have a weapon in hand to take Eida down.

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