The cartoon series by Pokémon Twilight Wings ends with episode 7, which is scheduled to air on August 6 at 10:00 p.m. in Japan. The episode will focus on Galar champion Leon, according to the latest information.

The announcement of the last episode was published on the Twitter profile by The Pokémon Company. From the first information we received about the series, we knew it would be shorter in duration and would be a side project to the main anime.

Pokémon: Twilight Wings is inspired by eighth generation video games, Sword and Shield, and tells various events in the Galar region in episodes of about 5 minutes. The series can be viewed on YouTube in English on the official Pokémon Youtube channel. The last episode followed the story of Onion, Latermore's young sports director, who saw the late Ghost Pokémon.

The realization of the anime was entrusted to Studio Colorido, which had previously written series like Typhoon Neruda and Penguin Highway (2018).

Pokémon Twilight Wings: Lampent turns into a cute Easter egg, while gym leaders Fabia and Azzurra take on a great cosplay.

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