The most famous moon warrior is back again. In recent years, the brand of Sailor Moon thanks to an anime that has decided to faithfully adapt all of Naoko Takeuchi's manga. The work of the 1990s was thus able to enjoy an almost complete and highly original revision.

Thanks to this, it is easy to find Cosplay dedicated to Sailor Moon. The focus of many is always the protagonist Usami with her long blond hair. But very often the fans also focus on other warriors of the group with the sailor suits. We've seen a cosplay of Sailor Uranus or supporting partner Sailor Mars in the past, while we're presenting one today Sailor Saturn Cosplayone of the main warriors.

To recreate the warrior of death and destruction of the solar system is Japanese cosplayer Makko, who posted this photo on Twitter that you can see below. Like the other colleagues, she also wears a dress with a white shirt and skirt, but this time in purple, a color that is also picked up in other details of the outfit and especially in the hair. In his right hand he holds the spear with which he intends to fight the enemies. will succeed Defeat the enemies in the name of Saturn?

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