The de series the attack of the giants has partnered with an Oita-based brewery, Oitamtsu Brewin, to launch two new types of spirits – Enma Red and Enma Black, inspired by the Hajime Isayama brand.

The partnership results from the author’s relationship with the Oita Prefecturewhere his hometown is. The Enma Red bottle shows the same image as the first volume of the manga, while the Enma Black bottle – as you can see at the end of the article – shows the cover of the four volumes.

Both liqueurs will be available in the Japanese Likaman chainfrom August 1st. A pre-order via the chain website is possible. Each bottle costs 1760 yen (about USD 16).

It is not surprising that the Attacco dei Giganti is an inspiration for the manufacture of various consumer goods and is considered one of the most popular brands in recent years. In addition to the manga that reaches its natural conclusion, The fans are eagerly awaiting the fourth and final season of the anime.

We don’t have an official submission date, However, the latest rumors point to October. The animation studio that takes care of the realization will be the Map Studio. The first presentation trailer showed encouraging signs, and the testimonials of the employees show a willingness not to affect the quality of the next season.

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