Director Sunghoo Park, director of the animated series The god of high school, Crunchyrolls Microphones told of his personal journey into the animation industry and talked about how he had a strong passion for this medium since childhood:

“”Realize the dream of becoming an animatorIn the middle and upper grades I concentrated on studying art. I attended a university in Korea that had an animation department, but decided to study abroad to broaden my horizons. I had some problems deciding whether to go to America where Pixar was located or to Japan where Macross was founded. In the end, I decided to study in Japan because of its strengths in traditional animation. “

During the interview, The director then declared his involvement in The God of High School. Explain the sources he used in the implementation of martial arts:

“The God of High School tournament brings together different martial arts in one place. For this reason, I wanted to test them personally, but I didn’t have the time or budget. All I could do was find them all on YouTube (lol). For example, I studied taekwondo techniques on YouTube and then reproduced their movements in hand-drawn keyframes. I have adopted my shooting style to create very intense images that give the impression of high speed. “

Finally, he told the typical day for a director in the animation industry:

“Well, I start with the most important part of a director’s job, controlling the storyboards, then I work on the episodes that have been assigned to me. Meetings and design reviews follow, then I create the keyframes for the episodes of which they are responsible and control the cuts of the other episodes “.

The god of high school: a special appearance for Robert Downey J.R. The God of High School is a trend on Twitter, for fans it is better than ONE PIECE and Tower of God.

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