Between upheavals, flashbacks and constant scene changes is theFinal Act of My Hero Academia sets the stage for the final fight between Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki. After the recent events, the two can actually finally face each other openly and without further obstacles.

the Return to the Kurogiri battlefield allowed Toga's replay of Sad Man's Parade to block Eraserhead and Monoma, who in turn prevented All For One, the master of Shigaraki's body, from using the powers contained within the Evil Quirk.

With the help of Lady Nagant, Gentle Criminal and La Brava, a trio of former villains who prevented the worst from happening on the Yuei Flying Fortress, Deku was able to recover from the negative effects of changing gears. Tomura Shigaraki, on the other hand, managed to break free from the mental control All For One was putting him through. In My Hero Academia 379, the villain and the hero are ready for battle.

Deku and his rival have descended from the structure the heroes specially built for Shigaraki / All For One and face each other ready for battle fight that will end their feud. If Shigaraki intends to destroy everything, Midoriya's goal is instead to rescue the small and terrified Tenko Shimura, who is hidden in the innermost depths of Tomura's soul. The release of My Hero Academia 380 will therefore result in their final clash.

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