Started in Boruto Episode 282, theAdaptation by Sasuke Retsuden will end next Sunday with the airing of anime episode number 286. Before concluding, the journey to the land of Redaku will lead the Uchiha couple to the final battle against the mysterious director Zansul and his treacherous ally.

In Boruto285 Sasuke and Sakura were betrayed by Jiji. The two Leaf Village ninja had finally managed to obtain the ultraparticles, the only way to cure the terminal illness Naruto had contracted, but the prisoner turned his back on his companions by stabbing Sakura. Jiji is an ally of Zansul.

While Sakura was treacherously betrayed by Jiji, Sasuke tries at the same time Stop Zansul from taking the Dragosaurs to Redaku's Prime Minister, who decided to launch a campaign. what will happen now

In the'Boruto episode 286 There will be the final showdown that will lead to the conclusion of Sasuke Retsuden's flashback arc. The Uchiha will try to go in search of his wife and stop feeling her chakra, but Zansul's constant attacks will prevent him from moving. Sasuke Retsuden - The Ring will simulcast on February 5th on Crunchyroll. Later in Boruto, the saga of the code begins.

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