On the official site for the project Happinet, Onegai Patron-sama!It has been confirmed that the animated series will premiere on October 11th on the project's official YouTube channel.

The project will tell both a main story and side stories through personal videos that will be uploaded to the characters' YouTube accounts and become virtual YouTubers. Updates are released every week.


  • Keigo Hoshino like Touto Higuma.
  • Takafumi Maeuchi as Mine Kurumi.
  • Yuuhi Asagiri like Yo Tsugiki.
  • Shou Sakagami as Inari Tsugiki.
  • Kazuma Yamada as DC.
  • Takuya eguchi than the narrator.

Production team

  • Natsuko is responsible for the character design.
  • TANOsim The animation production of this project is credited.
  • Satoru Kuwabara from Art refact is responsible for the production of the musical themes and the insertion of songs.
  • Masayuki Tamura is responsible for the composition of the soundtrack.

Synopsis of Onegai Patron-sama!

The story revolves around the teams of hero couples known as "Patraisers", made up of "Sugars" and their "Patrons". A Sugar and a Patron together form a Patraiser Hero and "enliven the frozen hearts of men".

The main story focuses on a single couple consisting of the Sugar Asahi Yuga and the patron Ryoya Nekoyashiki. On the other hand, the side stories focus on their daily life and other characters.

Source: Comic Natalie

(c) Happinet


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