Dabi is the absolute star of My Hero Academia Season 6, as much or maybe even more than Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki. The blue flame villain whose true identity we previously discovered is actually the protagonist of a flashback that took place in Episode 17 of My Hero Academia 6.

Dabi is actually Toya Todoroki, the eldest son of the current number one hero of My Hero Academia. That heartbreaking revelation that happened right in the middle War between heroes and villains Almost making Endeavor hang up his cloak leads to other, disturbing discoveries about the character.

in the Flashbacks to the Todoroki family Staged in My Hero Academia 6x17 viewers discover how Daby got the burns that cover most of his body. Hidden from his father who no longer wanted him to use the Quirk, little Toya Todoroki hid in plain sight to secretly train. However, she was still unable to control her blue flames, one day she completely lost control and nearly burned to death.

Enji Todoroki and the other family members thought that Toya's little body burned down to nothing but ashes, but now anime viewers have somehow discovered it He saved himself and became the villain named Dabi.

Dabi was born from Toya's ashes and as a result of the failings of the Todoroki family, he now bears the scars of his past on his body. Since that day, Toya/Dabi can't cry anymore because her tear ducts were burned by the flames of her Quirk. And what do you think of Dabi's past, does it justify his actions as a criminal?

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