Warning! This review on Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd season contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the chapters yet, I recommend doing so and then going back to read the review.

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Episode 1

Start the first episode of Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd season From the point he stopped in season one, everyone runs to avoid the demons that haunt them until they have to part to avoid being eaten. Things soon go wrong and Emma passes out from fever and exhaustion, while Ray is haunted by demons and barely rescued by a stranger. Things get stranger when Emma and Ray wake up to find that they have at least been saved and brought to safety. Who did it and why?

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Episode 2

It turns out that in a row two of Yakusoku no Neverland 2nd season Small miracles can happen, thanks to Sonju and Mujika everyone is safe even though they are demons who are not interested in harming them, but rather helping them survive the days they spend together. Gilda, Don, and the others ask Ray and Emma not to overdo it and lean on them more. Shortly after Emma and Ray tell everyone about the reality they are facing and the plan to follow. there in more. Then Emma asks Sonju to teach her to hunt, and he not only teaches her to hunt, but also teaches her the gupnu ritual and the vampire flower called life, which must be embedded in the heart as an offering to the gods.

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Freedom has a price

A new bright and fresh dawn begins, hope like never before to fill it all and contain the fear that threatens with every step. Everything gets complicated as they are finally children in a hostile world that they don’t know or at least believe everything about. After being rescued by these strangers, reality makes it clear that the actual chances that they will not be captured or eaten are very slim. They quickly realize that thanks to William Minerva and the teachings he imparted to them in the adventures of Hugo, they have more knowledge of this world than they imagine.

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Only genuinely awakened or gifted minds could find the hidden message and the only real light that they have a chance outside of the farm. I am impressed by the strong family values ​​that farm children grow up with. We know that before they learned about the lie and the purpose of their upbringing, they had a happy childhood in a loving environment. Unfortunately, it was all as effective as it was scary for a purpose, ideal for raising happy, “quality” children.

Friendship and loyalty

Rey is completely convinced, asks for forgiveness and is fully committed to the cause. It’s horrific what they had to sacrifice to escape and they won’t let Norman’s death be in vain as I not only bought them time but also save Rey’s life. There was nothing to think that they would find a way to achieve this, they have each other and live, they still have everything to gain and it is better to die surrendering to this ideal dream than to wait patiently for death. At the moment the plan is very clear: get to the Minerva location, make a plan to save all the children from the farms and try to break into the human world. All goals are complicated and becoming more and more difficult, but whatever life achieves or lets.

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With the certainty in their motivations, there’s no time to get discouraged, and we’ve seen that since the first episode. They cannot afford to lower their moods, although it puts a heavy burden on Emma and Ray as most of them are basically 5 year old babies From now on I understand that it is absolutely necessary that they not get tired, although this time it was Emma and Ray’s turn to learn that they have to learn to lean a little more on everyone and that they will fight back. Gilda and the other children chat and open up to Emma and Ray, letting them know that as a family they are a unit and should be supported by everyone. You shouldn’t continue to bear the burden alone, as together you made the unthinkable possible.

C.Chance or be hunted

It’s sad, but now we know why they were on a human farm. It’s clearly the worst case scenario. They are not considered human. Human beings are flesh, without a voice and without the right to exist with a purpose greater than that which their owner determines. It is terrible to the demons that are food, but we are used to it whether we know it or not, the animals we eat are not even treated with a minimum of dignity.

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And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that one is wrong and the other is not, or that I’m going to stop eating meat, I’m just saying that they really got me thinking about how easy it is to yourself empathize with children when in reality we are more alike. the demons just from the way we feed. Ultimately, I believe that ideas of good and bad are not determined by species, race or religion and that we can understand why we feel the injustice of their and our world if we want to believe that they are universal.

Promise of Life or Sacrifice?

It’s not that simple, there’s a reason they seem to be alone in the world and it is that they seem to be on the wrong side of the world as they are nothing but cattle there. Mankind made the decision to put an end to so much death and chaos, and suggested that the demons prevent the species that best separated their worlds from continuing in the war and in return leave behind the people who lived on the Side of the world remained. of demons.

Emma had to make a decision, now she has to learn to live a life in exchange for herself and while there is no comfort in death, at least she knows that the hunter has the same right to live as the prey. It’s a little daunting, but at least it’s appreciated to know that it’s not all about sports or power, and that it is so terrible to know about the Gupnu ritual and its relationship with that strange flower called life. At least you now have the relief to know that behind this flower there is a philosophy of respect for life and nature.

Despite everything, it is impossible to bend Emma’s spirit, her determination is enviable and she determines her will. As an eleven year old girl, she risks everything for the love of her family. She is also very capable of making choices and growing, even when it does. It takes a little shine from the world.

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Religious reasons?

We can’t deny that Sonju and Mujika enjoyed the confusion a bit at the beginning, although they turned out to be very nice and actually good people, but the answer Sonju Emma gives was unclear: For religious reasons” it doesn’t say much about why he didn’t eat human flesh. They are not enemies and have not harmed them, but Sonju explains to Mujika that he would not hesitate to eat them if they were in a state where they could be hunted.

It seems a bit rough to me, but I can accept and consider, given the conditions of their world, that I’m not technically fooling them about their reasons for not hurting them, and that he and Mujika, in addition to the small chance they are Had Contributed A Lot At The Beginning Let them see that not all is bad. You helped them. So don’t take anything for granted in this world as there is still too much to discover.


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