Boruto and Sasuke's mission was a success and now, with a Thousand Mile Hawk at his side, the Uchiha set out in search of the organization's Code Kara. His young apprentice is invited to return to Leaf Village, but something terrible happens on the way.

In Boruto 276, a new mini-story arc begins, which is carried out by Play maze. Boruto boards the Fulmitreno to return to Konoha, but falls into a deep sleep during the journey. When Naruto Uzumaki's son wakes up, he finds that he is no longer on the train but rather in some kind of hospital room There is no way out.

Besides Boruto, there are several other ninjas from different villages and civilians. These are greeted by a old man named Ougawhich explains what is happening. The Fulmitreno was involved in an accident that claimed numerous lives. Those in the room survived as if endowed with some sort of survival instinct, and for that reason they will now be guinea pigs for Ouga's experiments.

Thus begin the hellish games of Ouga, who demands his first victim. When Boruto tries to attack him, he realizes that he it's actually a puppet and he cannot help but participate in the first experiment, that of collapse.

The participants suddenly find themselves on a checkered floor overlooking the void. If you fall, you die as a result of the fall. Finally, thanks to Boruto's courage, many contestants manage to pass the first test, including a mysterious and cruel criminal.

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