The war between heroes and villains through My hero academia season 6 it stands still. While the heroes have managed to achieve what appears to be victory, on the one hand, the leader of the criminal faction seems relentless on the other. Where is the balance tip pointing?

That Plan developed by Creatie in My Hero Academia 6x08 went through thanks to the courage of Red Riot and the cooperation between all the young students of Yuei High School. Despite Dabi's searing flames and Gigantomachy's sheer strength, Kirishima managed to get the colossus to ingest some anesthetic.

According to Yaoyorozu's expectations, Gigantomachia should fall into a long sleep and its destructive onslaught on its master should cease. However, the amount of narcotics ingested may be insufficient. Also, let's not forget that the members of the Union of Villains are hiding on the shoulders of the gigantic criminal. That Yuei students are still in great danger.

However, in Jaku, no one could prevail against Tomura Shigaraki. The All For One heir has Gran Torino seriously injured in the leg, but even more terribly in My Hero Academia 6x08, he managed to hit Eraserhead with a Quirk Cancel bullet. Without Professor Aizawa's cancellation, now Shigaraki can reach its full potential. It's up to Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya and his One For All to stop the villain prince.

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